«Hanging pawns» of the occupiers: how the RSF was created

The russian Chess Federation was established on February 15, 1992 as the legal successor of the USSR Chess Federation with the aim of supposedly “protecting the rights” of russian chess players both in russia and abroad. It would seem that the activities of the RCF are aimed at the development and popularization of chess in the russian federation.

According to the charter of this organization of the aggressor, the supreme governing body is the congress of the federation, which is convened at least once every four years. In addition, the Supervisory Board of the Federation is a collegial governing body, which includes Five Vice-Presidents AND 26 representatives of regional federations.  Since 2014, the President of the russian Chess Federation has been the sole executive body (since 2019, the russian Chess Federation).

The first congress of the russian Chess Federation took place in February 1992.  Academician Leonid Abalkin and politician Arkady Murashov fought for the post of president of the federation along with Harry Kasparov. Thanks to the support of Kasparov, Murashov won the election.

The consequence of Murashov’s election was the creation by Anatoly Karpov of an alternative organization – the Association of Chess Federations and his refusal to play for the russian team at the 1992 Olympiad. At the end of the Olympiad, an extraordinary congress was convened on the initiative of a member of the Presidium of the Federation, Yevgeny Bebchuk.

Bebchuk was elected president of the federation. In April 1994, as a result of another conflict, the Congress elected a new Bureau and a new Chairman. They became a lawyer and deputy of the criminal “State Duma” Andrei Makarov.

The post of president lasted until 2010, when the structure of the governing bodies was changed. Since 2010, the federation has been headed by a board and a supervisory board. In 2014, the XII Federation Congress abolished the position of Chairman of the Supervisory Board and restored the post of President to which Andrei Filatov was elected. Peskov, press secretary of the President of the russian federation, became chairman of the board of trustees. In 2022, Andrey Filatov was re-elected to the post of President of the russian Chess Federation (FSR). Filatov’s rival, who has headed the federation since 2014, was the “grandmaster” and fictitious “Crimean candidate” Sergey Karyakin.

58 delegates of the congress of the FSR voted for Filatov’s candidacy. At the same time, the «court Kremlin» close to the collaborators and special services of the Kremlin persistently promoted the candidacy of the «Crimean grandmaster» Sergey Karyakin, but he received only seven votes. Two ballots were declared invalid.  Filatov was nominated by the moscow Chess Federation and the relevant organizations of almost two dozen regions of the russian federation. It is noteworthy that the Chess Federation of the Chechen Republic put forward Karyakin’s illegal candidacy. As a convincing alibi. We do not think that it is necessary to explain how decisions are made in Chechnya, by whom, and most importantly, that the candidate was agreed in the Kremlin.

Then, in 2022, “grandmaster” and fake Crimean Sergey Karyakin was illegally elected president of the Chess Federation of the moscow region for a four-year term. It was the first “test stone” for legalization of the “Crimean chess sport” and preparation to introduce approaches “to foreign markets” to malignant products of the occupiers

“After participating in the election at the Chess Federation convention late last year, I promised to run for one of the regional federations. Yesterday, February 25, I did it. At the extraordinary general meeting of the Chess Federation of the moscow region, held in Domodedovo, I was elected president for the next four years” , – wrote Karyakin in his telegram channel. 

Dossier: “grandmaster” and traitor of Ukraine Sergey Karyakin

A native of occupied Simferopol, until 2009, performed under the flag of Ukraine, soon the former Ukrainian betrayed his homeland and changed his passport into russian. In 2014, after the start of the occupation of Crimea, Sergei posted on Instagram a photo of himself wearing a T-shirt with putin and the inscription: “We do not abandon our own» “However, now I fully associate myself with Russia, because Crimea allegedly “conceded to the aggressor.” In fact, I’m very happy about it, because I always thought I was russian, I speak russian, I think russian, so I’m a completely russian person”, – criminally and recklessly spoke chess player from occupied aggressor of Crimea. In 2017, propaganda takes Karyakin into circulation, and with the help of the Federal Security Service of the russian federation «grandmaster» and a fake «Crimean candidate» received an offer to enter the new composition of the russian public chamber. The traitor Karjakin spoke about this “event” on his Twitter page, and added that he accepted the offer because he respects the dictator putin “both as a strong president and as a person who does a lot for the development of chess.” The events of today show him how supposedly “much” president putin “did” for the “development of chess” and the aggressor’s sportsmen “in general”.

«Career breakthrough» Karyakina and the fruit of lobbying

In 2017, propaganda takes Karyakin into circulation, and with the help of the Federal Security Service of the russian federation «grandmaster» and a fake «Crimean candidate» received an offer to enter the new composition of the russian public chamber. The traitor Karjakin spoke about this “event” on his Twitter page, and added that he accepted the offer because he respects the dictator putin “both as a strong president and as a person who does a lot for the development of chess.” The events of today show him how supposedly “much” president putin “did” for the “development of chess” and the aggressor’s sportsmen “in general”.

After February 24, 2022, the traitor Karjakin publicly supported a full-scale russian invasion of Ukraine. On 21 March, he published a “message” to the allegedly “adequate Ukrainians”, in which he called on Ukraine to “surrender”. The response of the international community was not long in coming. Ukrainian chess players obstructed their former colleague, and the ethics commission of the International Chess Federation (FIDE) disqualified the Russian “grandmaster” Sergey Karyakin for six months for damaging the reputation of chess.  This meant that the chess player would not take part in the Candidates Tournament 2022. Subsequently, Karjakin stated that he “plans” to play at international tournaments only with “national symbols”.  The President of the russian Chess Federation “holds hope” that Karjakin will resume participation in international tournaments.  However, the “grandmaster” declared his “principled position” to act only in the presence of the anthem, coat of arms and flag of russia, it is interesting to observe how a “civil position” destroys a person’s “abilities”.

At the same time, it is worth noting that the leading chess players of the aggressor, except for Karyakin, who supports the destabilization and bloody policies of the Kremlin, issued an official appeal to the president of the russian federation putin with an appeal to stop the war: “… in these tragic days, we think of all the people who are caught up in this terrible conflict. We share the pain with our Ukrainian colleagues and call for peace.

The Ukrainian chess team is the reigning European champion, one of the best teams in the world along with ours. We played dozens of matches and hundreds of games. We always put sports struggle above politics, and Ukrainians answered us in response. We ask you to keep the chance to respect teams, players and ordinary people from both countries. We are for peace. Stop the war!».

However, the Crimean quisling Karyakin does not weaken and «tries» and further build his «career» with the help of the Kremlin special services. In 2022, the public space receives information about the plans of chess player to open a chess school in occupied Crimea: “I’ve been thinking about this for a long time, since 2016, when I played a match at the World Championship with Magnus Carlsen. After Sergey Valeriyevich [Aksenov, nicknamed “goblin” ] proposed to open a chess school in occupied Crimea, but the chess club itself was long repaired. Now the reconstruction has come to an end, you can open a chess school. I would like to come and transfer my knowledge to young chess players. Therefore, I think that we will come to this necessarily”. These messages were immediately picked up by propagandists in the media space in the occupied Crimea and Europe, they began to “savor the not hefty” capabilities of the occupiers.  Naturally, then, it did not go further by conversation. But in the future, the idea of illegal “Crimean chess sport” will penetrate the basis of propaganda and use of the traitor.

Traitors and collaborators in anticipation of lobbying in the IOC

Since Karjakin allegedly sees the “future” of sport in international chess “cooperation” with the BRICS countries, he starts producing temniks about chess clubs and their openings in the “new liberated territories” at the suggestion of the Kremlin, in fact captured by the aggressor. The BRICS countries do not see a “future” in cooperation with the russians. The “Grandmaster” forgot about the international sanctions imposed on him for the occupation of Crimea, which is why he so vehemently “hoped” for the near future” of “chess expansion”. But it did not take place, the BRICS were also waiting for the decision of the IOC.

Here russian athletes are making a “move of the horse” and, without waiting for the lifting of sanctions from the aggressor to pressure the IOC, they decided to “force” a new region of performances. On February 21, 2023, russia submitted an application to FIDE and the European Chess Union with the transition to the Asian region. The change of the vector of development of russian sports to Asian can be said in various sports almost since March 2022. On 28 February, delegates of the Asian Chess Federation (ACF) accepted the russian Chess Federation (CFR). Twenty-nine delegates voted to join the FSR, one against, six abstained. The final transition is scheduled for May 1, 2023.

Andrei Filatova, “head of the Federal Chess Federation” called the organization’s transition to the Asian structure a historic event: “Today was a historic event: for the first time, the chess federation, one of the strongest in the world, moved from one continent to another. We are grateful to the delegates of the Asian Chess Summit for having supported our transition to the ASF by a majority vote in the Continental Assembly”.

Also on March 23, 2023, at a press conference of the MK, he deliberately stated that: “Asian life is very different from European life. In addition to standard continental competition, there are several surprising trends. For example, the Asian Olympic Games, which include chess (here we are still waiting for the decisions of the IOC (International Olympic Committee) and ROC (Russian Olympic Committee)), or the Asian Games in the rooms where chess is also present. That is, there are three times more official competitions than in Europe.” 

The executive director of the Russian Chess Chess Federation, Alexander Tkachev, criminally states: “The Russian Chess Federation has become the first national federation to change sports citizenship, moving from the European Union to the Asian Chess Union.”

Minister of Sports of the aggressor Oleg Matyzin puts forward the theory that the decision on the transition will benefit all: “The transition of the Russian Chess Federation from the European Chess Union to the Asian Chess Federation is a positive and significant decision, first of all, of course, for athletes. It is a priority that Russian chess players can participate in international level competitions and show their skills in games with strong and worthy opponents”.

The «grandmaster» traitor Sergey Karyakin reacted to the event. He noted that unlike the supposedly «politicized» Europe, there is only sports competition in Asia. In fact, it is exactly, repeats Thomas Bach’s thesis about sports outside of politics. Sergei indicates that: “In Asia there can be tough but exclusively sports competition. And in European competitions we were not allowed under various pretexts, up to direct bans, as it was last year in Poland at the European Championship in blitz chess. They just wouldn’t let the Russians in. This will not happen in Asia. Although the competition there is very strong” – Karyakin is sure.

In his view, Europe has “largely deteriorated” over the past year: “For russians with a patriotic position “closed the way there”, visas for russians to Europe are not issued, the “question of security” of our citizens remains “open”. “I can’t imagine a trip to Europe, and Asia is ready to go,” – added the chess player.

Later, European Chess Union (EWS) vice president Malcolm Payne called Russia’s transition to the Asian Chess Federation (ASF) a disgrace. According to him, the International Chess Federation (FIDE) has departed from the International Olympic Committee (IOC).

“There are three points here. First, it’s a shameful day for chess. We are the first sport whose leadership helps its federation in Russia to avoid sanctions by moving to Asia. Secondly, it is now important to protect those Russian players who want to continue playing under the auspices of the European Chess Union. ECU took steps to ensure that this happened, actively lobbying for the cancellation of transfer fees. Third, it is quite surprising that the Indian and Chinese federations have agreed to this transition. If they did it at all (I didn’t see the voting results), because it will lead to increased competition and hence reduced opportunities for their players to qualify for the World Cup if this selection is not changed. FIDE is clearly out of step with the International Olympic Committee on this issue, and once again the organization looks like a toy in a big game in which all actions are led by the Kremlin»,- Payne’s said.

For russia the transition to the «Asian arena» means professional loss and lack of prospects for development. The aggressor country is of course «uncertain» that bypassing the sanctions, will be able to perform in international competitions, and goes there by itself not for awards. For the Asian Chess Federation itself this transition means – additional earnings on blood, due to the presence of Russians they will expand the «money case», and, in principle, because the entire civilized world is trying to stop cooperating with the aggressor. For the Kremlin, such castling is a way to put pressure on the IOC, to use propaganda in Asia, to drink the «guilt of the captured Mansandra»» and advertise the war and advertising the war and the success of the illegal operation «Crimean Spring».

Author of the material: correspondent of the ARC, Elish Fourier

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