As aggressor-controlled “media” in Russia-occupied Simferopol, Yalta and Sevastopol, pointed last days, aggressor’s criminal “authorities” continue illegal construction of additional tunnel conduit (hydrotunnel) under Crimean Mountains from Bakhchisarai District, Shchastlivtseve settlement, to Yalta City, Vynohradne settlement that is constructed since 2021.

Russian invaders’ illegal “authorities” plan to use this tunnel conduit to increase water supply to Yalta area for Russian occupiers’ military bases and for housing development of Russian illegal colonizers. The length of conduit is approximately 7,2 kilometers and aggressor-controlled “media” points that conduit is allegedly ready now on 84 % and “will be finalized in February 2024”.

The illegal Russia-controlled “Investstroy Respubliki Krym”, is “charterer” of this conduit, by illegal “federal target program” funding, approximately 8.4 billion rubles. The Russian LLC “Tonnelgeostroy”, registered in St.-Petersburg, owned by Russian billionaire Shulzhik Sergei, with general director Dobrykh Ihor is the “performer” of that illegal conduit.

Other company, owned partially by Shulzhik Sergei, Russian LLC “Remont i stroitelstvo setey “PR I SS”, registered in Leningrad Oblast, with same general director Dobrykh Ihor, is also connected with construction of that conduit. Before, as “Radio.Freedom” informed “PR I SS” was included in construction of “Nord Stream” objects.

A lot of sources prove the participation of “Tonnelgeostroy” in other illegal commercial activities in Russia-occupied Crimea, funded by illegal “authorities” via pointed “Investstroy”, in Yalta, Simferopol and Kerch.

In the video and photo distributed by the aggressor-controlled “media” regarding above-pointed tunnel conduit construction there is direct evidences that “Tonnelgeostroy” and possibly “PR I SS” use since 2021 and till now the specialized technical equipment, produced by French company C.S.M. BESSAC – electric train for tunnel works and other equipment. C.S.M. BESSAC corporation is registered in Saint-Jory, Haute-Garonne department and has its branches in U.S., Canada and many other jurisdicions.

It is absolutely clear that more than year of exploitation of such electric train in conditions of its specific exploitation in conditions of Crimean Mountains demand for relevant supervision, repair, consultations, IT and technical support from C.S.M. BESSAC representatives.

So French company C.S.M. BESSAC is definitely well aware that its specialized technical equipment is used in the Russia-occupied Crimea by the Russia-controlled structures, in direct violation of sanctions, established by European Union.

Our Association addressed on this issue special submission, prepared by professor Borys Babin to competent bodies of European Commission, France and other states, responsible for sanction policy and will monitor this situation in future.

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