In framework of permanent cooperation with UN bodies and agencies our Association sent submission to Special Rapporteur on violence against women and girls, Ms. Reem Alsalem, for her thematic report that will be presented to the UN Human Rights Council.
ARC’s submission, prepared by Professor Borys Babin and other experts, and published at UN web-sources, reminded, that criminal groups, involved in the child sexual abuse and child trafficking in the occupied Crimea, are closely connected to Russia’s special services and to the so-called “Crimean republican authorities”.
ARC’s submission stressed that Russia’s broad-scale aggression created principal barriers facing these realization by Ukrainian women and girls the right to equality, to sustainable development and to dignity.
Submission reminded, that In Russia-occupied territories women are vulnerable targets of rape, enforced disappearances, tortures and degrading threatment; that Ukrainian-speaking and Crimean Tatar women are victims of racial discrimination also.
Women lost in Russia-controlled zone their property, works and assets, social payments and family connections, and it generated high level risks for growth trafficking, minors’ prostitution and deseases’ dissemination, submission stressed.

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