Our Association continues monitoring of the processes of Russian aggression of the Black and Azov Seas and the corresponding risks and threats to international shipping.

Acting within the framework of resolution C/ES.35 of International Maritime Organization, our Association continues sending information to authorized international bodies and national maritime administrations regarding the main risks for merchant shipping arising from the criminal acts of Russian aggressors that use occupied Crimea as military and naval base.

In our December submission we informed international society on issues of Russia’s terroristic attacks on Kherson and Odesa, which caused deaths of Turkish crew members of Port Tender “Zakhariy” and blackouts on civil objects, that objectively creates risks for international maritime safety.

Such ARC’s submission, prepared by Professor Borys Babin and other experts, stressed attention on Russia’s provocations regarding Black Sea Grain Initiative and illegal transfer of stolen Ukrainian grain from Russia-occupied Sevastopol to Syria by vessels “Laodicea”, “Finikia” and “Souria” of the Assad’s regime-owned «Syrian General Authority for Maritime Transport».

Special attention was paid in ARC’s submission to collapse of trade shipping in Sea of Azov and on illegal militarization by Russian aggressor the occupied Mariupol and Berdiansk trade ports of Ukraine.

ARC’s submission mentions also current Ukraine’s position on termination bilateral treaties with aggressor state regarding exploitation the Sea of Azov, also as on the definition of Russia as maritime piracy state, made in Polish Sejm resolution on 15th of December.

Such our Association’ new regular communication now is available on the website of the Paris Memorandum of Port State Control.

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