In framework of permanent cooperation with UN bodies our Association sent submission to the UN Special Rapporteur on the human rights of internally displaced persons, professor Paula Gaviria Betancur for her forthcoming report to the General Assembly.

ARC’s submission prepared by professor Borys Babin and Julia Sidorenko and published now on UN official web sources stressed that a lot of displacing persons were kidnapped by Russian invaders in the “checkpoints” between the Crimea and Ukraine’s mainland and that in the Russia-occupied Crimea a lot of children, transferred from Ukraine’s mainland, disappeared.

ARC’s submission also pointed that since June 2023, that Russia’s undermining of the Kakhovka HPP became a separate crime of genocide, including the forced deportation of the population of the villages and cities adjacent to the Dnipro in the Left Bank Kherson region, the destruction of their houses and the murder of those who cannot escape flooding.

ARC pointed out that these areas are the original and traditional place of residence of ethnic Ukrainians, and that this obviously became a “bone in the throat” for Russian occupiers. Association reminded in submission on aggressor’s refusal to allow UN assistance to the victims of flooding to the occupied Left Bank of the Kherson region, and the blocking of the flooded areas by the aggressor’s troops and punishers.

Our Association proposed to UN Special Rapporteur to research issues of connection the internal displacement in interstate conflict conditions with acts of ecocide, genocide and war crimes against critical civil infrastructure on example of explosion Kakhovka HPP and to pay special attention to criminal children deportation on example of such deportation in Russia-occupied territories of Ukraine.

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