On June 22, the Ukrainian media “RIA-Melitopol” published an investigation into the fate of the “Ostrov Sokrovichsh” (“Treasure Island”) water park complex and the “Oscar” dolphinarium, opened in 2010 in Kyrylivka near Sea of Azov. It is reported that the founder of the complex is Kiev resident Taras Chekurda, and the co-founder is Crimean resident Andrei Kalganov, “a graduate of the school of underwater saboteurs.”
Let us note that Kalganov’s father, the Soviet military man Viktor Kalganov, was indeed the “founding father” of attempts to use dolphins in combat, and it was he who built the first naval dolphinarium in Sevastopol’s Cossack Bay. Andrei Kalganov and his children, Katya and Victor, actually applied until 2022 as trainers and presenters at the “Oscar”, where, as the press reported, they somehow brought bottlenose dolphins and fur seals from the occupied Crimean Yalta.
Among other things, Viktor Kalganov Jr. was noted on social networks as an employee of the “Yalta Intourist” dolphinarium, and until 2022 he was also featured as a trainer at the genetic dolphinarium. As “RIA-Melitopol” states, with the arrival of the invaders in 2022, the water park in Kyrylivka was looted, the Russian military plundered the hotel, took out equipment and furniture for three days, and from that time on the water park was “closed to civilians.”
The basis of the “RIA-Melitopol” investigation was that “the other day, information appeared in Melitopol chats about the recruitment of employees to work at the “Treasure Island” water park” and that “Pinacolada LLC is recruiting staff; dozens of vacancies are open from accountants to security guards.” Journalists stated that this “company” was “registered” in 2022 in Simferopol on Lermontov Street, but its beneficiaries were not identified.
It is necessary to fill this gap, since the people now controlling “Treasure Island” and “Oscar” turned out to be far from random characters.
First, we note that “Pinacolada” is now declared in the “registers” of occupiers with “registration” in the same Kyrylivka, and all its “founders” and contacts are indeed hidden. However, the occupiers did not completely clear their “databases,” and therefore we still managed to identify the formal “founder” of “Pinacolada,” namely Simferopol resident Leonid Yaremko, an “individual entrepreneur” from 2015 to 2020.
And at the same time, this Yaremko, a former “retailer of flowers and other plants, seeds, fertilizers, pets and feed” is the “founder of the company” “Yarko” in occupied Melitopol, where the “general director” is Simferopol resident Anton Shvets.
However, this is not the most remarkable thing in this story, since Yaremko is also revealed as a “co-founder of the company” “Melitopol fiscal data operator”, and this structure of occupiers has an extremely wide range of interests.
For example, she is now trying to hire a “production director” in Berdyansk and an “assistant chef” in Alushta. One of the “co-founders” of this “operator” was Tatyana Tibekina, after which the situation with the beneficiaries of this criminal “Azov empire” became clearer.
Tatyana Tibekina is the wife of Donetsk swindler Yaroslav Tibekin, who made capital from the illegal business of coal mining in the “kopanki” and developed his business together with the former “Crimean state duma deputy” Andrei Kozenko.
Let us recall that it was Kozenko, associated with Sergei Aksyonov, Denis Pushilin, and the former “mayor” of occupied Yalta Andrei Rostenko, who “surfaced” among the occupiers in the criminal role of “deputy chairman of the council of ministers for economics and finance of Zaporizhzhya region”, among other things, “becoming famous” in 2023 year by “squeezing out” Melitopol gas stations in favor of their “Crimean friends.”
Well, the Tibekin family, even before the large-scale aggression, moved from Donetsk to the “quieter” Crimea, starting there the rapid construction of their “empire”, which included the “agricultural company” “Mengir” from the Karasubazar village of Yablochne, the Feodosiya structure “Neftyanik”, “Nizhnegorsky cannery plant”, “Krymtrade” and “Yaltamorstroy”, associated with the large-scale scams of same Rostenko.
For PR and their own “political significance,” the Tibekins also control such structures as the “Crimean racing team,” the “leading pilot of which” is their son Alexander, as well as the “Figure skating federation of the republic of Crimea.”
And although they are trying to hide the role of the Tibekin family in “Pinacolada”, and, accordingly, in the Kyrylivka water park, then, in addition to the mentioned “operator”, the seizure by this clan of quarries in the area of ​​Tokmak and Melitopol, under the “umbrella” of the companies “Tokmak granite quarry” and “Mining company “Mineral” follows directly from the “registers”.
Also , the “Solar Wind” structure is “registered” in Melitopol on Tibekinf, through which this clan “spuds” solar and wind power plants captured in the mainland south of Ukraine. These are not all “Melitopol enterprises” controlled by the Tibekins’ clan, and therefore their seizure of the water park was quite predictable.
The “shyness” of the Tibekins’ clan in the “Pinacolada” scam can have two explanations: either the “new owners” do not want to discuss the “specifics of the transfer of ownership” with the “Oscar” beneficiaries, among whom are Crimean residents, or, on the contrary, they entered with them into a “close, shared dialogue”, the condition of which is complete confidentiality of “further business development”.

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