In framework of permanent co-operation with UN institutions our Association sent submisson to UN Special Rapporteur on toxics and human rights, Professor Marcos Orellana, regarding issues of toxic impacts of some climate change solutions for his thematic report to UN Human Rights Council.

In submission, prepared by ARC’s experts and co-founders such as Prof. Borys Babin Dr. Olexiy Plotnikov and Dr. Andrii Chvaliuk and published on UN web-sources the issues of war crimes committed by the Russian troops, were described, including destruction objects of civil infrastructure, forests, dams and other melioration systems by mines explosions, missiles and artillery, looting the technical equipment of Ukrainian forestry and melioration management and of national parks in Kherson and Zaporizhzhya regions en masse.

Submission pointed UN attention on corresponding impacts of Russian aggression on atmospheric pollution due to mass extensive emissions of combustion products, the destruction of thousands of square kilometers of forests and plantations near frontline, as well as natural soils in the combat zone close to the Crimea, the intervention of the Russian occupiers in the melioration management and natural watercourses in Southern Ukraine.

ARC’s Submission informed the UN Special Rapporteur on the negative impact to climate from destruction of ecosystems important for oxygen exchange of the Black and Azov seas due to their pollution by oil products and chemicals from Russia’s naval vessels and their missile ammunition, as well as changes in ecosystems, caused by the mass death of mammals and fish due to noise and explosive pollution under time of aggressor’s naval activity.

Special risks, ARC stressed, arise in this zone regarding potential changes in the hydrogen sulfide layer located in the deep-water part of the Black Sea, and, in particular due to explosive processes.

Submission stressed that negative climate changes are not just the side effect of Russian aggression against Ukraine, but it is one of its major goals: as it is known the administration of Russian president use the narratives that the global warming and ocean level rise are allegedly “useful” for Russia as such situation will allegedly allow to develop actively the natural resources of Russia-controlled northern part of Eurasia.

Association called all UN authorized bodies and agencies, also as their member states to pay a special attention to Russian illegal activities in Ukraine in framework of global risks for climate and relevant universal human rights and sustainable development.

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