The Report of the UN Special Rapporteur on the promotion and protection of the right to freedom of opinion and expression Irene Khan A/HRC/53/25, intended for the July session of the UN Human Rights Council, has been published on the UN resources. As part of the preparation of this document, the Special Rapporteur collected written materials from 15 states, 5 international organizations and more than fifty civil society structures, including our Association.

A submission, prepared by Professor Borys Babin from the ARC to the Special Rapporteur on this issue described war crimes and discrimination by the aggressor, other violations of the rights of journalists and media in the Russia-occupied territories of Ukraine, including the Crimea.

As Report A/HRC/53/25 stated in this regard, States must protect those at the forefront of sustainable development, including disadvantaged communities, human rights defenders (including environmental and land rights, and the rights of indigenous peoples) and journalists.

The UN Special Rapporteur also stated that states must effectively, impartially, independently and expeditiously investigate and prosecute all those who threaten, harass, attack or kill human rights defenders, journalists and activists, and must publicly reaffirm the essential and legitimate role of human rights defenders and journalists in promoting sustainable development and send a clear message that attacks against them are unacceptable and will not go unpunished.

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