On November 1-2, experts of the Association, Professor Borys Babin and Olesya Tsibulko, took part online in the 6th session of the UN Expert Mechanism on the Right to Development, held at the headquarters of the Organization in Geneva. The main topic of discussion at the session was the finalization of the presented draft of the new UN Convention on the Right to Development, including by expert non-governmental organizations.

As part of her speech, expert Tsibulko focused the attention of members of the Mechanism and delegates from more than fifty countries, as well as numerous experts, on the challenges of sustainable development of the entire European region, related to the internal displacement and refugees of millions of Ukrainians under the conditions of ongoing large-scale Russian aggression.

The material of the Association distributed among the participants emphasized the terrorist nature of Russian aggression in Ukraine, expressed in attacks on civil infrastructure facilities, primarily energy, with the aim of strengthening the energy security situation of the whole of Europe and increasing the flow of refugees from Ukraine on the continent.

Regarding the improvement of the draft convention, ARC experts proposed to finalize its provisions on countering violations of the right to development in conditions of large-scale armed conflicts and systematic terrorist activities of individual countries and regimes.

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