In framework of permanent cooperation with UN bodies our Association sent submission to inform the UN Special Rapporteur on the negative impact of unilateral coercive measures on the enjoyment of human rights for her thematic report related to right to health. Special Rapporteur, Prof. Alena Douhan from Belarus published earlier some reports regarding sanctions and her researches may be reflected in next annual UN General Assembly’s resolution.

So ARC’s submission prepared by Prof. Borys Babin and published on UN web sources stressed that Russia’s intervention, aggression and attempted annexation of the Crimea, including violation on right to health for Crimean residents were the grounds for the unilateral sanctions imposed by the Ukraine, by European Union and by some third states.

Now, ARC’s submission pointed the unilateral sanctions of various UN member states established against Russia and Russia-controlled structures in Ukraine, has strong human rights impact as they limit Russian economy and, correspondently, Russian troops and Russian mercenaries in committing new broad-scale human right violations, war crimes and genocide against Ukrainian population, including aggressor’s brutal violation on right to health for Ukrainian citizens.

The unilateral sanctions against Russia are the only effective tool to make influence on its economic system and politic regime in modern conditions, limiting the Russia’s criminal acts against Ukrainian people, including aggressor’s violation the right to health, ARC’s submission added.
ARC’s submission pointed that the main form of assessment the effectiveness of secondary sanctions must take into account the level of violation the demands of international law by the state, which is the object of sanction policy, before and after the relevant sanctions were imposed or changed.

The main criteria may be the quantity of people, whore rights, including right to health, by regime (government) which is the object of sanction policy, before and after sanctions started; level of punitive and military bodies’ potential in such state before and after sanctions started etc.

Indicators must cover all human rights collectively, but their main attention must be paid on issues of key fundamental rights – to life, to freedom, to non-discrimination, to health etc.

Such indicators must reflect the facts and forms of committing the international crimes, broadscale violations of human rights and humanitarian law by the state, which is an object of sanction policy, level of its militarization and violations in area of nuclear, biologic and chemical weapons that is used for violating right to health of for threat of such violation.

The difference in the measurements must reflect the level of unilateral sanctions as they may be established against physic person (human), legal entity, private or governmental, certain economic of financial process of government in whole, ARC’s submission added.

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