In framework of ongoing co-operation with UN structures our Association sent submission, to UN Special Rapporteur on contemporary forms of slavery, including its causes and its consequences, Professor Tomoya Obokata for his next report regarding causes and a consequences of contemporary forms of slavery.

ARC submission, prepared by Professor Borys Babin and his graduate student Julia Sidorenko described for UN Rapporteur issues of illegal deportation Ukrainian children to Russia and Russia-occupied Crimea with note that for such kidnapped Ukraine’s children, aggressor-controlled illegal “tutelage”, obtaining fake “Russian citizenship” and transfer for “adoption” are de-facto form of slavery.

ARC stressed in UN-published submission importance of preparing researches on qualification of enforced deportation of Ukrainian children and methodic recommendations for organization or investigation such crimes and restoring rights of deported children in international and third countries’ jurisdictions.

ARC pointed on duty to prepare reports for OSCE, CoE and UN structures regarding data of illegal deportation of Ukrainian children and aggressor-controlled Ukrainian minors’ slavery, including data on relevant national legal proceedings and organizational steps of Ukraine’s governing structures and NGO.

ARC stressed importance of collecting and systematizing data about person and legal entities, responsible for organization, financial, information support of illegal Ukrainian minors’ slavery, monitoring their criminal procedural and sanction regime, also as on importance of primary and secondary legal aid for victims of illegal deportation of Ukrainian minors.

ARC proposed UN official to organize training for international standards and best national practices for Ukrainian human rights defenders, activists, investigators, prosecutors, barristers and judges involved in cases, connected with counteraction of aggressor-controlled illegal Ukrainian minors’ slavery.

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