Our Association’s experts researched for last years the issues of terroristic aspects of the Russian aggression against Ukraine, including Russia-financed and Russian-controlled activities of terroristic groups on the Russia-occupied territories. Also ARC’s regularly monitor the illegal influence of Russia-controlled structures on certain French politicians and publish relevant analytics.

Among such persons we research the criminal actions of Russia-controlled fake “Crimean blogger” Alexander Talipov who being under the sanctions of Ukraine since 2020 by Decree of President, 184/2020.

Since 2014 Talipov illegally supported the criminal attempted annexation of Crimea by Russia and since 2022 Talipov also criminally supported the broad-scale Russian aggression against Ukraine’s mainland.

Talipov organized machinations with illegal aid to Russian military units, also as other sham, connected with Crimea-located lands, real estate and business, also he acts under control of Russia’s punitive structures as “public agent” and “blogger” in repressions against Ukrainian activists, freedom of media, speech and associations.

Also Talipov acted as “blogger” serving Russian provocation against Quran with goal of incitement to religious hatred. Since March, 2023 “blogger” Talipov “suddenly” published in his Telegram-channel series of blogs devoted to the protests in France, connected with current social and pension reforms.

On March, 10 Talipov criminally wrote, regarding President Macron’s statement about the intention of France and Britain to help Ukraine in the near future “Why not help us in response to the peaceful protesters of France?” clearly calling to interfere in France’s internal affairs in a way of terroristic activities.

On March, 16 that collaborator criminally wrote, regarding ongoing protests in France, “We are waiting for the protesters to take Macron’s residence and find a golden baguette from him” clearly calling to interfere in France’s internal affairs in a way of terroristic activities and calling to make harm to President of France.

On March, 17 Talipov criminally wrote, “Petrov and Bashirov, it looks like this is a sign! France needs superheroes” clearly reminding about Scripal’s case and relevant Russia’s terroristic activities in England and calling make the same in France.

On March, 17 fake “blogger” criminally wrote, regarding French Prime Minister Elisabeth Borne announced to the assembly that the government would trigger Article 49.3 of the French Constitution on pension reform, “Putin, bring in the troops!” clearly reminding about Russia’s aggression against Ukraine and calling make the same in France.

Regarding those issues our Association addressed to authorized structures of France and European Commission and pointed that Talipov is directly connected with Russian special services that organized provocations in Europe against Muslims and inter-religious tolerance.

Association’s submission, prepared by professor Borys Babin, points, that Talipov is directly connected with criminal clan of Sergey Aksyonov, criminal “head of Crimea” that is also directly connected with terroristic “Wagner” structure and with “Crimean sport unions”, whose representatives, as allegedly “neutral sportsmen” Russia prepare to sent to Olympic Games – 2024 in Paris.

ARC’s submission stressed that “blogger” Alexander Talipov is a direct participant of Russia’s war crimes and crime of genocide of Ukrainian people. It is grounded by his direct and significant criminal support of the Russia’s criminal aggression against Ukraine, attempted genocide and annexation, Russia-committed racial discrimination, genocide, deportation and war crimes.
And in the same time, as Association pointed, now Alexander Talipov interferes to France’s internal affairs with direct terroristic purpose.

So Association asked the French and European Union’s competent authorities to react, in framework of legislation of fighting with terrorism, and in framework of universal jurisdiction on Talipov’s international crimes and illegal activities against France and European Union, to start relevant criminal and financial investigations and to include Alexander Talipov to sanction lists. Association will inform about the development of this situation.

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