On 9-10 of February, 2023 the conference “Rebuilding Ukraine Rebuilding the World” was held by Harvard University, in framework of the “Temerty Contemporary Ukraine Program”.

Large group of researchers from all around the world investigated issues of the new world order, issues of truth and justice, war crimes and humanitarian crisis, also as points of reconstruction of Ukraine.

Experts of our Association, such as professor Borys Babin, associated professor Andrii Chaliyk and Olesya Tzibulko took active participation in discussions of this conference.

In framework of discussion the war crimes, committed by Russian invaders in Ukraine, Dr. Babin pointed the issue of possible international criminal proceedings, related with Russian aggression in Ukraine not only regarding war crimes in International Criminal Court and aggression in possible special tribunal, but also on issues of ecocide crimes and terrorist crimes committed by Russian troops and aggressor’s paramilitary structures in Ukraine.

Also the issue of international criminal responsibility for attempts to “justify” above-pointed crimes in third countries are extremely important, stressed professor Borys Babin.

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