Experts of the Association of Reintegration of Crimea Borys Babin and Oleksiy Plotnikov took part in the online discussion “Crimea under occupation”, which took place on December 13 as part of the Fourth Human Rights Non Conference held by the Nobel Peace Prize laureate, the Center for Civil Liberties.

During the Non Conference discussions, human rights defenders, representatives of international organizations and state authorities discussed the challenges and problems faced by human rights defenders: from the protection of the rights of military personnel to Kremlin prisoners, problems of the penitentiary system, European integration, problems with the rights of people with disabilities, children, women and men.

In their speeches, the ARC experts pointed to aspects of the proceedings in international institutions regarding cases of violations of human rights by the occupiers, which took place before 2022, and also pointed to new international crimes of the aggressor in the occupied Crimea, committed as part of the large-scale aggression.

In particular, it was about combating the criminal occupiers-organised “conscripion” and “mobilization”, about the violation of the rights of Ukrainian prisoners of war, held by the invaders on the peninsula, about the destruction of unique ecosystems by the aggressor, and on the available mechanisms for responding to these illegal actions.

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