On September 12, ARC expert Professor Borys Babin spoke on the air of “Ukraine Media Center Odesa” about the legal and political significance of the operation of Ukrainian military intelligence officers on the “Chornomornaftogaz” platforms on the Black Sea shelf.

The expert recalled the history of Ukraine’s energy production in the Crimea and on the sea shelf, the criminal seizure of Black Sea drilling platforms by the aggressor in 2014, and the machinations of the criminal clone of “Chornomornaftogaz” in the occupied Crimea, previously studied by the Association.

Babin also pointed to the criminal militarization by the aggressor of drilling rigs and platforms during the years of occupation and to their role in the large-scale Russian aggression against Ukraine, including its maritime component.

The expert pointed out the consequences of the operation carried out by Ukrainian special forces in the context of refuting the myth of the aggressor’s supposed “full control” over the Black Sea waters and pointed out its importance for ensuring Ukrainian shipping and for the subsequent inevitable de-occupation of the Crimean Peninsula.

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