On January 24, the aggressor’s propaganda once again “returned to the issue” of the “Kamyana Mohyla” (“Stone Grave”) museum, criminally seized in the Zaporizhzhya Region.

Let us recall, that earlier it was reported about the criminal “inclusion” by the Russian occupiers of this object of historical heritage in the “Chersonese Reserve” of occupied Sevastopol.

The mayor of Melitopol, Ivan Fedorov, on November 5, stating the inadequate perception of reality by the aggressor, said that this criminal decision was personally agreed by the president of the aggressor, Putin,

As expert Evelina Kravchenko wrote about the occasion, not a single historian, archaeologist or culturologist will be able to give a conscious explanation for such a “combination”.

After all, the sights on which the corresponding reserves of Ukraine are based – the ancient and medieval city of Tauric Chersonesos and the “Stone Grave” area – belong to completely different social groups, have nothing in common either in history, or in archeology, or in architecture.

However, the occupiers clearly have “other plans” here, connected with the understanding of the inevitability of de-occupation, as well as with the criminal activities of the Siberian PR man Tolmachev in the occupied territories of Ukraine, which we described earlier.

As the criminal “director of Chersonese” Elena Morozova, who was illegally sent from St. Petersburg, said, now illegal “delegation from Melitopol” has arrived in occupied Sevastopol, a criminal “road map” and an illegal trip of “Sevastopol specialists to Melitopol are planned to assess the scope of work on the spot” .

In fact, the idea is about fake aggressor’s propaganda manipulations in search of the non-existent “historical roots of the Russian world” and about further attempts to plunder the Ukrainian cultural heritage.

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