As the aggressor-controlled “media” announced on April 20, they “appointed” Alexander Makar to the criminal “position” of the “head of the regional control center”, who had previously repeatedly “flickered” as the criminal “deputy mayor” of the Russia-occupied Simferopol.

The occupiers use the illegal “regional control center” to criminally “support the activities of the head of Crimea, the council of ministers in the implementation of the functions of assessing, analyzing and forecasting the situation, strategic, current and operational planning, monitoring and controlling the implementation of management decisions.”

In this regard, it is noteworthy that Makar himself was previously, among other things, seen in the occupied as a model for advertising “branded men’s clothing”, and the mechanism of his fake “appointment” to the criminal “administration”, that in words “fighting non-traditional relationships” in every possible way is quite prosaic, although, of course, it is tragicomic.

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