As the Ukrainian “Center for Investigative Journalism” reported on July 22, Crimean Tatar collaborator Seyran Mambetov “surfaced” in American Miami, since the beginning of full-scale Russian aggression, it is indicated that, according to the Center’s sources, “the traitor remembered that he was a citizen of Ukraine, restored the Ukrainian passport at the consulate in Turkey and, probably, received the status of temporary protection in the United States”.

After the beginning of the occupation of the peninsula, Mambetov began to cooperate with the aggressor in the criminal role of “director of the Crimean Tatar and national programs department” of the “TV and radio company” “Krym”, controlled by the occupiers.

In this role, by the beginning of 2015, he “fired” journalists disloyal to the aggressor and, in an interview with “Krym.Realii”, directly admitted the existence of censorship by the occupiers in the form of “certain restrictions” and stated that it was allegedly “not entirely appropriate … to show the opposition”; Mambetov also stated that he, “of course, has certain” criminal “tasks” from the aggressor, allegedly “an information policy that we must adhere to”.

Further, Mambetov, under the patronage of the collaborator and illegal “chairman of the state committee” Zaur Smirnov, was declared by the Russian occupiers in the criminal role of the “head” of the fake”‘public Crimean Tatar television and radio company” “Millet”, where he subsequently provided information service to the aggressor’s criminal acts.

However, by 2017, in this “bread position”, Mambetov was replaced by Sergey Aksenov’s henchman, Ervin Musaev, who since 2016 has been actively working out the agenda of the alleged “prosperity of the Crimean Tatars under the sun of the Kremlin”; we wrote about his usage by Russian intelligence services at OSCE events.

Then, for the “compliance” of Mambetov, the Russian occupiers effortlessly “documented” the wastes “for the purchase of equipment”; however, since February 2020, Musaev was also “transferred” by the aggressor’s special services “to another job”.

Now Mambetov, who hypocritically declared in occupied Simferopol eight years ago that “true patriots who love Crimea without any political ambitions should be here,” is enjoying, most likely temporarily, the Florida sun.

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