The aggressor-controlled “media” is actively covering the next “Balkan” provocation on the occupied peninsula, “tied up” by the Russian special services to the Liberation Day of Bulgaria on March 3. On this occasion, “Russian schoolchildren” who were in aggressor-captured “Artek” were herded to a “teleconference” with a certain “Russian gymnasium” in Burgas, against the background of which not only the hardened provocateur and “professional Crimean Balkan” Ivan Abazher, but also Asen Asenov were noted, named no more no less than the “chairman of the Bulgarian party” “Russophiles for the Revival of the Fatherland”.

Asenov himself is a fairly well-known Russian puppet in narrow circles, owning the company “Primedia”, which had the rights to show Russian TV channels in Bulgaria, and broadcasting Russian narratives on its own TV channel “TV7”. He is indeed an accomplice of another pro-Moscow figure Nikolai Malinov and his pseudo-movement “Russophile”, as well as the political party “Revival of the Fatherland”, which later underwent a corresponding “rebranding”.

It is characteristic that the Russian special services created the “Revival of the Fatherland” as a form of “work” with the Bulgarian army and security forces, relying on former Soviet and communist agents. However, since 2019, these structures have not received a single mandate in any elections, collecting “as much as” 0.37 % of the votes throughout the country in July 2021. Let us note that on the second day of the Russia’s large-scale invasion of Ukraine, Asenov and Malinov regularly came to “reception” with the leadership at the Russian Embassy in Sofia, demonstratively supporting the Kremlin’s international atrocities.

As for the “Russian gymnasium of Burgas”, under this sign on the street “Vazrazhdane” there is a structure with “teachers” who constantly travel to the Russian Federation, carefully hiding its contacts and even more so the “leadership”, and existing exclusively on “funds from the Russian Embassy in Bulgaria and the Russian Ministry of Education”.

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