Previously, we have repeatedly noted the development of squabbling between the groupings of collaborators around the “muftiate” Emirali Ablaev, associated with the criminal “head of Crimea” Aksyonov.

After the main “talking head” of this “front”, Eyvaz Umerov, was sent to prison by the invaders’ punishers, the situation “stabilized”, and the “celebrating winners” drew a line by holding a fake “meeting of the Council of the Crimean Tatars” under Aksyonov, which evil tongues have long been called the “club of relatives” of Ablaev.

The main subject of discussion at this meeting was a “letter of thanks” to the same Ablaev from the prime minister of the aggressor Mikhail Mishustin.

Such a “touching attention” is linked to the long-term construction of the “Cathedral Mosque”, the tenth postponement of the opening of which, “for October”, was agreed precisely by the “author of the letter”, and the cut of funds for construction is being carried out by firms close to Ablaev, on which, among other things , built the “tactics of attack” on Aksyonov, the current “prisoner” Umerov.

However, the “pause with the mosque” also has an “external reflection”, since the Kremlin obviously cannot predict the outcome of the upcoming elections in Turkey, as we have already written about.

Since 2015, the topic of the “Cathedral Mosque” has been raised by the invaders as a kind of “pressure factor” on Ankara, however, without much result, but the Kremlin clearly does not want to “give up” this “argument” by simply completing its construction.

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