For several days now, the aggressor’s propaganda has been pompously advertising the “first Eurasian Congress of People’s Diplomacy of the EAEU, BRICS, SCO, CIS” promised for November 14-16 in Moscow, and obviously there the puppets of the invaders, both from the Crimea and from the occupied mainland. The inability for the aggressor to gather even for a picture foreign representatives at some “forum”, entailing their replacement by freaks under the guise of “people’s diplomats”, has long become the talk of the town.

However, now it is worth noting the key role in the preparation of this provocation of the media holding “Regions of Russia”, on behalf of which the figure of the Russian special services, Vladimir Anikovich, appeared in the role of “director of the department of special projects”. Anikovich previously appeared in the Kremlin-controlled “International Association of Bloggers”, in the “association of project managers “Project Alliance”” and in the role of “head of the international affairs committee of the non-profit partnership “Regions of the 21st Century”” working for the Russian intelligence services since 2007.

The “Regions of Russia” themselves were created by Sergei Sobyanin during his governorship in Tyumen, and after being transferred to Moscow they became one of the key forms of promoting criminal Kremlin narratives. In addition to the mayor of Moscow, a member of the board of trustees of “Regions” is Andrei Belyaninov, “Secretary General of the Eurasian Peoples’ Assembly.”

A year ago, we wrote about the attempts of the Moscow concern “Kievskaya Ploshchad” and, accordingly, “Food City”, where Sobyanin and Belyaninov have shares, to enter into criminal schemes for the export of agricultural products from the occupied areas of the Kherson Region. In addition, the former head of the federal customs service of the aggressor, Belyaninov, also represents the interests of the head of “Rostec”, Sergei Chemezov.

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