Throughout 2023, we have repeatedly written about the “steep peak” of the aggressor-controlled “Sevmorzavod”, including the collapse of the project to build floating cranes in occupied Sevastopol: “Sevastopol” “PK-400” and “PK-700” “Grigory Prosyankin”.

We wrote about the occupiers’ machinations with the “rent” of “Sevmorzavod” according to a scheme involving the aggressor’s “United Shipbuilding Corporation”, and about the new “plant director”, “professional liquidator” Oleg Flusov, which led to “mass layoffs of workers”, and about “transfer for development” of “unnecessary” plant land” in Inkerman and on the Korabelna Side of the occupied city.
Against this background, the current statements of the “officials” of the occupiers sound quite tragicomic, that at “Sevmorzavod” they will allegedly “employ” people from another “sinking flagship of shipbuilding”, namely from the “branch of the “Zvezdochka” plant”. Moreover, it is “Zvezdochka” as the “tenant of the plant’s facilities” was a key player in the above-mentioned scam involving the construction of floating cranes.

At the same time, the aggressor-conrolled “media” themselves state that “in fact, people are unhappy, there is simply nowhere to go”, while admitting that the “modernization of the plant” promised by the aggressor, including “replacement of pumping equipment and one pumping port, which is in a deplorable state,” is at least “a long-term and problematic project”. At the same time, among other things, it is stated that “plans for the construction of large grain carriers at “Sevmorzavod” are more reminiscent of a utopia” and there is still “a high probability that the most tasty plots of land of the enterprise will be transferred… for development”.

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