On November 10 and 11, the next annual “Donbas Media Forum” took place in Kyiv, bringing together journalists and media managers from Ukraine and the world, providing an opportunity to discuss current problems of the profession and establish communication. As the Ministry of Culture of Ukraine noted on this occasion, “DMF is a platform for safe professional discussion among media professionals in the East and other regions of Ukraine. This year the Forum goes beyond the Donbass, adapting to new military realities, like the entire Ukrainian society”.

Among the discussions at the conference, which was attended by leading Ukrainian journalists, diplomats from EU countries and relevant Ukrainian officials, much attention was paid to the role of the media in the deoccupation of Ukrainian territories, their reintegration and support for their restoration. In particular, the role of independent journalists in human rights activities and in combating corruption was mentioned.

An expert from our Association, Borys Babin, took part in the conference at the invitation of the organizers, who discussed with the event participants the relevant ARC’s developments on protecting the right to access to information in the context of large-scale Russian aggression and on the vision of the prospects for information policy in the deoccupied territories of Ukraine, in particular those formed in 2023 at the strategic forums “Future of Crimea”.

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