On November 6, information about Dmitry Kucherenko as a “curator” from the FSB for “Crimean media” was spread on social networks. It is reported that this punitive major graduated from the Moscow Border Institute of the FSB in 2007 and since the beginning of the occupation he has been a “senior representative” in occupied Crimea, since 2015 in the so-called “group of interaction programs,” that is, with “undercover work.”

However, Kucherenko’s “cover”, “officially” declared by the occupiers in the role of “head of the internal policy department of the ministry of internal policy, information and communications,” and in this role flashing along with other “ministers and deputies” at all sorts of the aggressor’s propaganda events, from “meetings of the council of the Crimean Republican Union of Veterans” and “the board of the Crimean regional branch of the Assembly of Peoples of Russia” to the “all-Crimean harvest festival – derviza” in Kolchugino near Simferopol, is quite tragicomic.

For example, in November 2018, Kucherenko gave a comment to such an official aggressor as the “Russian newspaper” about “pedestrian and transport traffic in the north of the Crimea” in the role of a “border service officer”, and in March 2023 he showed up as the “guest of honor” at the propaganda “wide-school line” “in the Simferopol “Tavrichesky school-gymnasium No. 20” as “major of the border troops.” In addition to such “non-conspiratorial” behavior, Kucherenko himself sometimes, apparently to “save funds,” plays characters in propaganda stories from the aggressor’s intelligence services.

For example, in August and September 2022, the mouthpiece of the Russian special services, “Komsomolskaya Pravda in Crimea,” published a number of “heart-warming articles” about “a simple Crimean Dmitry Kucherenko” who “together with his wife, children and dog in the fall plans to travel around almost the entire country by car.” Although these campaigns were “slightly confused” in the “dates of travel,” the main criminal message from Kucherenko was simple: traveling to occupied Crimea “by car is not so bad.” Therefore, what else will be criminal to portray this “head of department” as “in isolation from his main work” will be shown in the near future.

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