ccording to the aggressor-controlled “media”, the occupiers began a criminal case in the second western district military court against the former “head of the technical development and resource support department of the naval department of the Russian guard” colonel Sergei Volkov.

The aggressor reports that “to protect” the criminal “Crimean Bridge” and the Kerch Strait, Volkov “purchased too late and too hastily” certain two Orel-UAV complexes, which allegedly “in their characteristics” did not meet the “technical specifications”.

In this regard, it is worth recalling that, according to various sources, all sorts of last year’s adventures of the “Crimean Bridge” arose for completely different reasons. Let us note that earlier the aggressor “exposed in the procurement process” the officials of the central apparatus of his criminal maritime security from the FSB; it is obvious that the “Volkov case” should be considered as a “return compliment” from the FSB officers.

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