On October 7, the Crimean “media” made the “key news of the day” that in the “Bakhchisarai Miniature Park” they dismantled a copy of the American Statue of Liberty, installed there before the occupation of the peninsula, taping its eyes with black tape and dousing it with some slop. Against the backdrop of the “historical event,” the criminal “speaker” Vladimir Konstantinov personally decided to “take a selfie,” promising to send the “statue of liberty… to his homeland.”

The farce of freedom fighters, undisguised in its cheapness, reflecting their obvious pathologies should be recorded, taking into account the previous shows of the beneficiary of the “miniature park” as well as the “Alushta Aquarium”, “Yalta Crocodilarium” and the “Crimea in Miniature” park in the same Alushta, Viktor Zhilenko. Among other things, this criminal “deputy of the State Council from the Liberal Democratic Party” had previously arranged for Philip Kirkorov to be “the godfather of 88 little crocodiles at once” and promised a “park for five hundred stray cats” in Alushta, which created a slight panic among the local population.

We previously wrote that such a “creative miniaturist” Zhilenko took place under the roof of the unofficial “masters of Alushta” – the Dzhangobegovs clan, controlled by the Moscow level of the Russian special services. Until 2014, the entrepreneur was on good terms with the former protégé of “Yanukovych’s wallet” Anton Prygodsky – Alexey Boyarchuk; after the start of the occupation, Zhilenko became an ally of a militant close to the “leader of Crimea” Aksenov, the former criminal “mayor” of Yalta Andrei Rostenko.

It is noteworthy that the “LDPR brand”, from which collaborator Zhilenko, who opened the Moscow park “Russia in miniature” in 2019, criminally operates, is quite formal for him; in the thinly hidden conflict between Konstantinov and Leonid Slutsky to drag Russian terrorist Viktor Bout through the fake “Crimean district”, the described “politician in miniature” chose the side of his Crimean accomplices.

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