Against the background of the already recognized collapse of the remnants of the “holiday season” in the occupied Crimea, the aggressor’s propaganda is trying to come up with new fakes to “attract Russian tourists”, trying, among other things, to play on their base instincts.

For example, some “hoteliers in Crimea” during the teleconference “Season-2023: Expectations and Reality” stated that allegedly “in the current tourist season” “an extreme number of single women, … divorced single mothers go to the private sector and mini-hotels … of the Crimea” .

At the same time, allegedly “owners of accommodation facilities report that such ladies often ask administrators where they can meet male tourists,” but at the same time they allegedly “refuse to meet locals”.

Of course, it should not be ruled out that some individual widows and not only officers of the aggressor decided to unwind “by the sea for graves” and that, at the same time, the local Ukrainian men predictably causes them “some kind of fear”.

But in general, such a tragicomic attempt by “hoteliers” to urgently lure “male tourists” into empty August hotels with “strawberries” clearly “will not take off”, even if at the next stage the “managers of the Crimean tourism” themselves will lay the “honey trap”.

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