As the aggressor’s “Crimean” propaganda is forced to state, the so-called “zemstvo teachers” continue to desert from the countryside of the occupied Sevastopol.

Let us recall that this scheme was criminally used by the aggressor to colonize the Crimea when Russian “educators” received a million rubles, provided that they move to the countryside and work there at school.

In October 2022, the aggressor-controlled “media” indicated that under such a scheme, since 2020, 38 teachers have been attracted to the occupied city, who agreed to work for at least five years in exchange for a million bonus.

However, now the tone of “reports about a rural school” is completely different; at least four “zemstvo teachers” simply fled the occupied Ukrainian region and now the fake “courts” of the occupiers are “working on them” with the classic “give me a million”.

At the same time, significantly more “zemstvo teachers” decided to “voluntarily return the money” and leave the Crimea without too much publicity.

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