On May 24, Russian propagandists stated that “this morning after the passage of the Bosporus in the Black Sea, the Russian reconnaissance ship “Ivan Khurs” was attacked”, it was declared that the attack was carried out by drones and allegedly “without losses”.

As ARC expert Professor Babin stated on this occasion, “this “message” would not be read with the words “after the passage of the Bosphorus”, because Turkey has not let the aggressor ships in from the Black Sea since February 2022, no “Ivan Khurs”, over the past year in the Black Sea, could pass”.

“It should be advised next time to simply drown the aggressor of the same “Ivan Khurs”, then at least some “arguments” will arise”, added the expert. Also “Bosphorus Observer” denied the passage of “Ivan Khurs” through the Bosphorus on the evening of May 24.

However, on May 25, the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine on Twitter posted a video from which it follows that a naval drone attacks the ship, successfully reaching its side, indicating “When the russian reconnaissance ship “Ivan Khurs” met a Ukrainian drone. Indeed, a perfect match!”

Further, the aggressor’s propaganda “in response” posted a video in which “Ivan Khurs” allegedly “enters Sevastopol on its own”. However, it quickly became clear that the video turned out to be two years old, and it depicts the passage of a Russian spy ship through the same Bosphorus against the backdrop of Istanbul, filmed by the “Al Jazeera” TV channel.

Regarding this Russia’s absurd fake, Professor Boris Babin added “I won’t be surprised that now somewhere near Novorossiysk the invaders are urgently looking for a “Crimean location” and recording videos with the ships of their fleet for the future. While they are still “on their own””.

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