Over the past weeks, the Ukrainian media have published a number of analytical materials on the situation in agriculture in the occupied territories, which objectively described the situation that was unhappy for the aggressor.

The aggressor’s propaganda tried to concoct something like a “refutation” by publishing “soothing” material from the Simferopol “Privoz” market, but even this leaves at least “food for thought”.

The aggressor cannot deny that after the explosion of the Kakhovka hydroelectric power station, “vast territories were flooded, part of the crop died”, “prices have changed a lot … in June they lost a lot of crops” and “fruits and vegetables are being brought from the Kherson region, but in very small volumes”.

How “joyfully” the occupiers state “now everything has risen in price”, but supposedly “not by much”, “only by 10-15%”. Experts do not rule out that such “reassuring reports” are aimed at “preparing” the Crimean residents for a sharp rise in the price of food from this autumn.

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