As the occupants’ propaganda announced on April 14, the aggressor plans to increase the capacity of the Crimean railway network under its control at its “weakest point”, the single-track section between Kerch and Vladyslavivka, leading to the illegal “Crimean Bridge”.

To do this, the occupiers want to build “double-track inserts” between Vladyslavivka and Sim Kolodyazyv stations, as well as build a “corner check-in” at Vladyslavivka in the direction of Feodosia, stating that the “second main track” supposedly “will allow increasing the capacity of the railway section to 39 pairs of trains per day”.

Undoubtedly, the main reason for such activity is the further criminal militarization of the occupied Crimea, as well as an attempt by the invaders to organize for this purpose constant illegal railroad deliveries from Russia through the Crimea to Melitopol and Oleshki.

The occupiers ordered the illegal project for “inserts” in the spring of 2021 from the Moscow structure “Geoproektizyskaniya” for 224 million rubles. The amount of additional “load” that the occupiers plan to receive for the delivery of military cargo to the mainland is also noteworthy, following from their previously announced “optimal plans” for 29 illegal daily pairs of trains, of which 10 are freight; now the aggressor wants to increase this figure by 10 pairs a day.

However, while traces of last year’s explosions remain on the Crimean Bridge, this figure remains much lower.

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