In the occupied Sevastopol, the squabbling of groupings of collaborators in the field of “development” does not stop. And although real estate on the territory of Ukraine occupied by the aggressor continues to become cheaper, and Russia itself took the third place in 2022 in terms of falling prices per square meter, scammers in the construction of “human settlements” do not stop, they simply shift “additional costs” to the “final purchasers”.

This situation in the conditions of the large-scale aggression of Russia is notable for the fact that the criminal Russian colonizers of Crimea act according to the principle “you die today and I tomorrow”, realizing the illegality of their stay on the peninsula, and therefore become ideal objects of all kinds of machinations on their greed and nihilism.

In this perspective, another scam, played with such colonialists by the traitor to the motherland Andrei Grigorov and his illegal “housing and construction complex” “Scythia” in the Cossack Bay, is noteworthy.

We have already written about the approach of this swindler to “buyers of elite real estate”, when houses are “not put into operation” for years, and unlucky colonialists are offered to either “sell an apartment at a discount” or “wait for a miracle”. In the case of Scythia, Grigorov outdid himself. In 2019, he simply offered the “buyers of apartments” of this “elite complex” to get the keys and “slowly settle in while communications fail.”

The calculation was very simple – the colonialists, joyfully grabbing a brilliant bait, began to massively make “VIP repairs” in their “penthouses” within the framework of “the breadth of their imagination”.

After that, a couple of years later, illegal “communal services workers”, including “gas workers”, who came to this “lair of the elite”, declared that no one would put the house on the balance sheet after such repairs and redevelopment. Now the unlucky colonialists can “return the keys” to Grigorov, but they are promised “invested funds” “sometime later”.

Let us recall that in this context of massive scams with “newly created” real estate, experts’ proposals for a complete moratorium on any transactions with it after the de-occupation of the Crimea for a long reintegration period become important.

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