Earlier, it was repeatedly reported that the occupying criminal “authorities” throughout 2022 tried to hide and reduce the rapid fall of the illegal “tourist flow” from Russia to the occupied peninsula.
By the end of the year, the fake “head” of the criminal “government” Yuriy Gotsanyuk stated that “tourist flow to Crimea decreased by about 30%”, which was also an obviously embellished “indicator”.

On January 6, the occupiers’ propaganda of circulated a statement by the so-called “president of the association” “Tourist alliance of Crimea” Andrey Pylov that “the organized tourist flow to Crimea in 2022 decreased by about half”, which is also too “optimistic” for the aggressor, as given obvious military situation, as well as the “logistical collapse” of the occupied region.

It is noteworthy that the large-scale “traffic jam” promoted by Russian propaganda at the illegal entry into Crimea along the “Kerch Bridge” in the last days of 2022 can also be artificial, since it was then that the occupiers sharply “tightened control” over illegally entering vehicles, with the possible goal of creating a picture of supposedly “thousands of tourists striving for the holidays”.

As Professor Boris Babin noted in a New Year’s interview to “Radio Svoboda”, in the near future we will observe an increase in the “logistics crisis” of the aggressor, which will affect all areas of the “economy” of the region, sliding into a collapse situation. The Kremlin’s propagandistic usage of the “tourist potential” of the occupied Crimea will become impossible, and its militarization will grow by Russian invaders, the expert stressed.

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