The invaders’ propaganda continues to talk about the “race on the boards” regarding the Crimean residents killed in the ranks of the aggressor’s army, this time the fake “glorification” of the dead took place in Yevpatoria, regarding the sailor of the “Novocherkassk” large landing ship Ivan Shveda and the private of the aggressor’s “810th Marine Brigade” Vladimir Tsygonyi.

Regarding the Shveda, who was burned down on the “Novocherkassk” near the port of Berdyansk a year ago, on March 24, it is only worth noting that the “graduate of the specialized Sevastopol university” managed to “reach the rank” “to the regular sailor”.

But with regard to Vladimir Tsygonyi, the situation is a little more interesting, since his grave became the epicenter of a whole “scandal of the regional flood”, when a wreath burned on it in February of this year.

At first, the aggressor’s propaganda predictably announced some “saboteurs”, and then they began to blame the “colleagues” of the murdered man who came to his grave for setting fire to the wreath “perhaps by negligence”, and on this occasion they even “brought a criminal case”.

However, then the local criminal “policemen” showed a video of a certain local marginal, who said that he “accidentally burned the wreaths”.

But this funeral story has one interesting “trace”, since the father of the murdered man, also Vladimir Tsygonyi, at one time, two decades ago, worked in the Yevpatoria police and a number of serious scandals were associated with him, including, for example, the distribution of hard drugs, so those who want to “say hello” to this family in the town was always enough.

In this context, it is interesting that at first the relatives of “private Tsygonyi” began to actively demand “to find and punish the guilty”, and the invaders’ propaganda took this case “on the shield”, but later everyone suddenly began to “hush up the situation” and even found something completely unsuitable for stories propagandists of the “careless cemetery vagabond”.

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