We already wrote that the criminal aggressor’s “administration” in the Russia-occupied Henichesk announced the need for some fake “permits” for the “export of grain from the region”.

After that, a scandal erupted with their criminal “competitors” from the criminal clan of Sergei Aksyonov, also seeking to cash in on the illegal transportation of grain to and through the Crimea.
Now the same “genetic fugitive”, collaborator Vladimir Saldo, said that as part of the “shadow buying for cash and the export of agricultural products” “more than 100 trucks with grain have already been detained”.

At the same time, as it turned out, the promises of the collaborators to “fine violators” turned out to be fake, because, as Saldo added, “the cargo was transferred” to the criminal “State unitary enterprise “Kherson Grain” for sale, the money from which will go to” collaborators.

It is noteworthy here not only the collaborator’ statement that supposedly “money is needed to restore all systems”, in conditions when the Russian occupiers do not want to spend money not only on the population of the part of the Kherson region they have captured, but also on Saldo himself, offering him to loot “for self-sufficiency”.

The mention of “buying for cash” is also interesting, about the “struggle” with which Sergei Aksyonov’s criminal accomplice Anatoly Tsurkin has already begun to hysteria, adding that the “situation” on the illegal “land corridor” to the Crimea “is critical, waiting in lines reaches 5-7 days”.

It is obvious that giving, often forcibly, grain to the occupiers for an obviously meager “payment”, its owners do their best to avoid any “cashless settlements” with the aggressor’s structures, trying to minimize evidence of their interaction with them.

At the same time, the criminal occupiers’ “Kherson administration”, on the contrary, strives to “tie” local farmers with their illegal “banks” and “registries”, and therefore perceives the mention of “cash payment” extremely painfully.

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