Recently, the Russian invaders announced new criminal roles of a number of collaborators in the occupied Melitopol.

In particular, the former general of the SBU under the Yanukovych regime, a participant in the dispersal of the Maidan, noted for unprecedented corruption and embezzlement in the position of head of the State Reserve Committee, Sergei Ganzha, was declared by the aggressor in the criminal role of “head of the regional department of the FSB”, which the aggressor located in the occupied building of the branch of the Zaporizhzhya Institute of Economics and Information Technologies.

However, this aggressor’s puppet, who is under sanctions by decree No. 184/2020 of 2020 and deprived of titles and awards by Ukraine, has been playing a similar role in occupied Melitopol since the summer of 2022 as a criminal “head of the state security service”.

Recall that in February 2014, Ganzha fled through the Crimea to Russia, but this is not his only connection with the further occupied peninsula.

According to a number of media, it was Ganja in 2017 who may have been an intermediary in the “sale” of “Crimean assets” by Gennady Butkevich, co-owner of the “ATB” Ukrainian supermarket chain. Then, in the “registers” of the invaders, it was indicated that the “Crimean chain of stores” controlled by the aggressor “Foods near the House” (“PUD”) “changed owners and leaders.”

At the same time, until 2017, “PUD”, as the “registries” of the occupiers stated, was allegedly managed by the Ukrainian retailer “ATB-Market” through fake “limited liability companies” “V-Trust”, “Reverse”, “Esso-Krym” and “ Berkovets”.

And since October 2017, these same “firms” have been “headed” by Maria Lisitsina, who is associated with the close circle of the Minister of Agriculture of Russia and the former governor of the Krasnodar Territory Alexander Tkachev.

Earlier, before the start of large-scale Russian aggression, Ukrainian media reported that allegedly the same Ganzha helped Butkevich to “organize the persecution of the former son-in-law, people’s deputy Sergei Rybalka”.

Obviously, in the occupied Melitopol, the criminal “business interests” of Ganzha can also cover criminal “intermediary services”, similar to those described above, with his obviously wide circle of contacts, which clearly needs to be carefully worked out.

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