As has been repeatedly stated earlier, the Russian aggressors are undertaking all kinds of provocations to disrupt the “grain deal”, and the corresponding speculations and fake statements by Russia often do not have even the slightest sign of plausibility.

So, Alexander Grushko, the aggressor’s deputy foreign minister, recently stated that allegedly “the agreements on fertilizers, insurance, logistics and ship calls are not being fulfilled”.

At the same time, for example, the agreements signed in Istanbul do not contain any conditions on insurance issues at all, and the issue of “export of Russian fertilizers” not directly related to the “grain agreement”, while actively linking the aggressor with the “deal”, in fact does not meet direct obstacles from civilized countries.

In fact, as the Ukrainian parliamentarian, head of the relevant committee, Professor Danylo Hetmantsev, points out, Russia continues to slow down the “marine grain corridor”. So, in January 2023, 77 ships passed through it, carrying 3 million tons of agricultural products, and in December 2022, 94 ships with a cargo of 3.7 million tons passed through.

Hetmantsev states that Ukraine had the technical ability to export 30 million tons of agricultural products during the 6 months of the “grain corridor”, but in fact the world received only 19.7 million tons.

At the same time, as the MP points out, “the only and main obstacle is the actions of representatives of the aggressor state, artificially slowing down or disrupting the inspection of ships”.

On a daily basis, Hetmantsev points out, out of 9 on average provided care vessels, only 3 receive permission to go to Ukrainian ports for loading. The situation with the registration of ships for participation in the “marine grain initiative” is also difficult – out of 80 applications submitted, only 2-3 ships are registered per day.

As the expert states, the world must respond to the actions of the aggressor state, which deliberately exacerbates the problem of hunger in dozens of states.

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