As previously reported, the criminal “governor” of Sevastopol, Mikhail Razvozhaev, repeatedly tried to engage in “self-promotion” on the subject of the so-called “naval drones”, which he “promised to produce”.

At the same time, Razvozhaev made these statements at a meeting with Putin, referring to some “scientific developments” of the illegal “Sevastopol state university”, as allegedly a “world-class scientific and educational center”, referring to the “Archipelago 2022” propaganda fake campaign, as well as to some “Soviet-era developments” allegedly “at an instrument-making plant” and the so on.

It is obvious that Razvozhaev exploited this topic with the “light hand” of his criminal PR man Tolmachev, which we have repeatedly written about.

Now these projects are beginning to be publicly ridiculed not only by Sevastopol residents, who are well aware of the real state of affairs, but also by the clans of invaders and collaborators, “competing” regarding the criminal Razvozhaev.

Although their real criminal motives are also obvious, in open sources there really is no mention of either the “developments” of the current “Sevastopol scientists” or even more so about some kind of “Soviet legacy”.

We have previously described the illegal “enterprises” of the occupied Sevastopol, operating “in the maritime sector” and basing their activities either on violation of the sanctions policy or on direct industrial espionage, and among their “developments” nothing close to “naval drones” was also identified.

However, although the scams described by Razvozhaev’s criminal “competitors” with property allegedly “attributed” to the criminal “unitary enterprises” “Sevastopol marine plant” and “Chernomorets”, as well as with the illegal “Zvezdochka ship repair center” are quite remarkable, one should not exclude the option, that further “cutting” of criminal “federal funds” under the guise of “naval drones” will be accompanied by attempts of industrial espionage by the aggressor’s special services in developed industrial countries on this issue, hiding behind fake “Sevastopol developments”.

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