The criminal “Crimean speaker” Vladimir Konstantinov said during a propaganda trip to the north of Crimea that in September, under the guise of “elections to all government bodies”, “all power in Crimea will be reformatted” with a hint of “new faces” that the Kremlin will send to “state council” and to the “head of the republic”, adding that “someone has already burned out in power, there is no interest in working”.

Let us recall that in mid-January the same Konstantinov ranted that the occupiers do not intend to “hold elections” of fake “heads of city administrations”, hinting at the worthlessness of “personnel specifics” from his “worst friend” Sergey Aksyonov, who “dismisses” criminal “mayors” in Crimean cities, if not annually, then once every two years; It is obvious that the annual imitation of “elections”, as Konstantinov hints, “cannot be possible”.

And if the first “black mark” against Aksyonov “purely by chance” coincided with the “start of work” on January 16 “in all cities and regions of Crimea according to the schedule” of “receptions of citizens on behalf of” that same Konstantinov, then the current hint at the “new head of the Crimea” takes place in the midst of a “traveling company” of the criminal “speaker” in which he deliberately demonstrates vigorous activity in “preparation for the re-election” of the criminal Kremlin dictator.

It is obvious that the “percentage” drawn in the Crimea, including “March turnout,” as well as the “myrrh-streaming picture from the polling stations” will directly determine Konstantinov’s further “career rise,” the preparation for which he no longer considers it necessary to hide.

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