Recall that we previously described the “storm in a glass” that has been going on since the fall of 2022, as part of the struggle of the Kremlin clans to “rock” the criminal “head of Crimea” Sergei Aksyonov. A rival group of invaders connected, among others, the sister of the infamous Natalia Poklonskaya, Olena Osadcha, who serves the aggressor in the criminal “post” of the fake “head of administration” in the village of Uyutne, Saki District, near Yevpatoriya.

Earlier, under the conditions of the occupation of Crimea, Osadcha was “attached” by Poklonskaya to a criminal “leading position” in the illegal “Chernomorneftegaz”, controlled by the aggressor, but after a series of scandals, she was “transferred to another job.”

On January 11, Aksyonov’s group “strike back” when the invaders’ punishers conducted “searches” “on the business” of the same Olena Osadcha in the criminal “administration” of Uyutne village, regarding frauds with the lands of the same seaside village that are quite typical for the occupied Crimea, affecting more than 570 plots. Some aggressor’s propagandists began to link this with Natalya Poklonskaya herself, as well as with collaborator Sergei Kolganov, the criminal “deputy head of administration” in the same Saki District.

Now, their probable accomplices from the “ServisGaz” company, registered in Russia’s Ulyanovsk, publicly took the side of the Saki criminal “dealers”. This structure and its Ulyanovsk “twin” “StroyGaz” are “developers of gas equipment and combustion control and monitoring systems”, and they also “produce gas heating equipment” on a large scale.

Obviously, such a “specific business” in the conditions of the Russian Federation itself and of the territories, criminally seized by it, is impossible without close contacts with the structures of “Gazprom” and the “gas distribution companies”, about whose joint machinations with the criminal clone of “Chernomorneftegaz” in the occupied Crimea, we have repeatedly written.

The Ulyanovsk “defendants” “accused” the criminal “head of Crimea” of allegedly “obstructing” the illegal construction of the “residential complex” “Tavrida City” in Russia-occupied Yevpatoria. This “complex” was “designed” illegally by the Rostov “architect” Andrey Vyrva, whose “Masterplan” bureau was repeatedly accused in Russia itself of various abuses and dishonesty.

It is obvious that the criminal struggle of collaborators’ groupings for the “tasty lands” of Western Crimea will be stopped only as part of the inevitable de-occupation of the peninsula.

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