Over the past year, “Kremlin trends” have been changing at such a speed that the Crimean collaborators barely have time to react to it. This is due to the failure of the Russia’s “blitzkrieg” in Ukraine and the apparent destruction of the invaders’ plans by the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

Under these conditions, the aggressor is left to constantly invent new “narratives” to “justify” his miscalculations and defeats. One of the latest “trends” is the criminal statements of the Kremlin elite about the “need to transfer the economy” of the aggressor to “military rails”.

In the occupied Crimea, collaborators almost immediately became active and began to take certain criminal “steps in this direction.”

The analysis of events and facts carried out by the experts of the Association for the Reintegration of Crimea shows that the traitors on the occupied peninsula probably do not fully understand the “meaning of such a policy”, but purposefully take appropriate criminal actions that negatively affect the “economy” of the Crimea, which was actually destroyed during the years of occupation.

However, let’s not get ahead of ourselves and start from the very beginning.

In November, at a meeting of the Russia’s Security council, Putin criminally proclaimed the “revitalization of the state’s economy” and its transfer to “military rails”. According to experts, this decision is due to the lack of weapons and ammunition, as well as dual-use goods, which “should be constantly replenished,” especially if the Kremlin wants to continue its criminal war in Ukraine.

Many analysts called this decision “a shot in both legs”, because in a market economy such decisions lead to total consequences. First of all, we are talking about the stagnation of many segments of the economy, resulting in the destruction of the middle class, which in Russia is almost not formed anyway [1].

Not really understanding all the issues, the Crimean collaborators began to actively and criminally demonstrate “unconditional support” for this decision and take illegal steps in this regard within the occupied peninsula. Crimean residents immediately noticed this and began to actively systematize and publish information.

The main criminal pressure, of course, fell on the “Crimean business”, which the collaborators essentially forced to “help” the so-called “second army of the world”. During December 2022, Sergey Aksyonov and his henchmen repeatedly reported on the criminal shipment of “gas stoves, socks, food and personal hygiene products” to the “front”. It is reported that “Crimean bakeries” are criminally sent to advanced products for the Russian military.

Also the aggressor-controlled “media” actively disseminate information about the “products of Crimean enterprises”, which the aggressors criminally use to produce ground and air weapons for the war with Ukraine. In particular, we are talking about the aggressor-controlled “Fiolent Simferopol plant”, which “specializes in the production of high-precision instruments for control systems.”

In fact, the collaborators criminally used the complete dependence of the non-competitive “Crimean business” both on the illegal “administration” and on illegal “state orders” [2].

In December 2022, the Mission of President of Ukraine in the Autonomous Republic of Crimea recorded an increase in illegal pressure from collaborators on local “enterprises”. In fact, we are talking about coercive criminal instructions to “reorient production”, to “work for the needs of the Russian army”. For example, in the village of Shkilne, Simferopol District, collaborators forced the “plant” to produce anti-tank barriers, although before that the main activity of the “enterprise” was the manufacture of paving slabs [3].

In the case of refusal, aggressor’s structures, they simply declare the relevant persons as “traitors and supporters of Ukraine”, the consequence of this is criminal pressure and the termination of the “enterprise”. However, the Crimean collaborators also use certain means of criminal “encouragement”.

For example, Sergey Aksyonov has already criminally declared that “businesses will be provided with preferential loans for development”, but only those who will “work for the needs of the Russian army” and agree to criminally produce “technical tools of observation and communications, military equipment” [4]. We are talking about criminal “loans from 3 to 30 million rubles”, which allegedly will be “provided for a period of 12 to 36 months at 1% per annum” [5].

In addition to “commodity producers”, the Russian invaders and collaborators are criminally transferring the “sphere of medical services and tourism” to the “military rails”. In particular, on the criminal order of the Crimean collaborators, local “hospitals and sanatoriums” are transferred to the needs of the military aggressor; on their base will “treat and rehabilitate the occupiers”.

The aggressor-controlled “educational institutions” of the occupied peninsula criminally force youth to “raise funds for the Russian military” and “produce raincoats and camouflage nets”, which at the same time becomes a new criminal form of militarization of the Crimean youth.

Also, criminal militarization occurs due to the “redistribution of budgets”; for example, in Simferopol, where the Crimean collaborators criminally decided to “suspend all construction” and “direct funds to the needs of the invaders” [6]. Today, most of the aggressor’s propaganda sources in the occupied Crimea are filled with criminal content like “everything for the front”, providing criminal information support for the illegal actions of Crimean collaborators.

The militarization of the “Crimean economy” leads to a “change in the specification of production”, to the loss of “sales markets for products”, when there can no longer be any talk of “profits and competitiveness”.

It is assumed that it will be almost impossible to return to “normal activities” after the transition to “military rails”, especially when the criminal “authority” totally controls the “business”. For the Kremlin, this is a way of criminally creating a dependent “business” that will exist only as long as “defense orders” are received – that is, as long as the occupation of the peninsula continues.

That is, the Russian invaders will be able to criminally use additional financial and punitive leverage to illegally influence the social processes of the occupied peninsula.

Collaborators of various levels “work” to implement this criminal concept, from individual criminal “deputies” in the occupied Sevastopol, such as Vyacheslav Gorelov [7] to the criminal “head of Crimea” Sergey Aksenov, who actively involves “administrations and executive bodies” in that illegal process in all disticts and towns of the occupied peninsula.

At the same time, “selective nationalization” of certain “enterprises” that are tasty for Crimean collaborators is taking place in the Crimea. Recently, the criminal “speaker” of the occupied Crimea, Vladimir Konstantinov, illegally announced “an expansion of the list of property of foreigners and citizens of states that do not support the policy” of the aggressor, who would be criminally “nationalized in the near future and earn money for the needs of the Russian army”.

The Ukrainian authorities warn the “labor collectives” of these “enterprises” to remember about their own security, because the Russian invaders are criminally trying to force the Crimeans “to work for the needs of the army” at any cost [8].

It should be noted that the Crimean collaborators are not only trying to criminally build up “military production capacities” and their resource provision. They work to “empower” criminal support of the aggressor’s army in the occupied Crimea.

So, in the last months of 2022, Crimean collaborators, at the direction of the Kremlin, are actively criminally transferring the economy of the occupied peninsula to a “military footing”.

These processes are reduced to the forced “reorientation of business” to the “production of goods for the aggressor’s army”. In fact, “Crimean manufacturers” are being made dependent on “military orders” coming from the Kremlin.

This process is accompanied by an active aggressor’s propaganda campaign, the purpose of which is to establish the criminal narrative “everything to win”. Collaborators of various levels take part in it, criminally calling for the total militarization of the “Crimean business”, and the criminal “nationalization of a number of enterprises” will also play a certain role in this.


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