According to the aggressor-controlled “media”, the commissioning of two ships, ocean-class cable-laying ships “Volga” and “Vyatka” of project 15310, code “Cable”, “completed” since 2016 at the “Zaliv” shipyard in Russia-occupied Kerch, is being postponed.

These vessels, laid down in January 2015 at a plant in Russian Zelenodolsk, were intended for the aggressor’s Northern and Pacific fleets, namely “for laying, lifting and repairing submarine fiber-optic cable communication lines”.

The aggressor planned to “put into operation” these ships in 2019, then the delivery dates were postponed to 2021, and now to “2024”, due to the need to “replace a number of imported equipment”, which Russian invaders cannot get due to sanctions.

Interestingly, in August 2020, it was reported about the alleged “launching”, namely, the withdrawal of the “Vyatka” from the dry construction dock, and in August 2021, a similar procedure was allegedly carried out with the “Volga”.

However, according to a number of sources, such an “early launch” was explained not by the readiness of the cable layers, but by the aggressors’ need to “free the dock” to “start building” two universal landing ships “Ivan Rogov” and “Mitrofan Moskalenko” project 23900.

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