As it was reported on social networks, citizen of the aggressor Mirlan Kalybekov “surfaced” in occupied Henichesk, who at the end of October “registered” a fake “company” for “property management and rental” “K 5” at an address in Henicheska Horka, where the hotel “Sen-Jak” was registered until 2022 by Natalia Shkirenko, an entrepreneur from Donetsk and further collaborator.

This occupier’s representative is notable not only for the criminal “medal” he has for facilitating the occupation of Crimea in 2014, but also for his previous “tours.” They were started by a lawyer from the Kyrgyz Osh with Russian citizenship in 2002 in Salekhard, where he was engaged in the northern “import of pop stars” for “VIP clients,” including “Miss Turkey” 2003 and other “models.”

Further, Kalybekov “worked fruitfully” in “Yamalseverstroy” and later in Moscow “investment firms”, including, if you suddenly believe his “official biography”, allegedly with “clients from Hong Kong and Australia”, while he was noted in scams with the construction of facilities for the Sochi Olympics and the Turkish “Akkuyu” nuclear power plant.

Kalybekov’s “Crimean” period is not yet public, but in August 2019, terrorists’ propaganda in Donetsk portrayed him as an alleged “delegate from Turkey” at the “anniversary of the death of Alexander Zakharchenko,” however, from the Moscow “international financial corporation “Tofi””. At the same time, Kalybekov played a “Turkish investor” in a TV commercial filmed by the occupiers’ propaganda in some abandoned Donetsk hangar, promising a bunch of fakes: to create there a kind of “scientific and experimental complex” with “thousands of jobs”, as well as at the same time a “Sedovo tourist cluster” on the Sea of Azov.

Time will tell whether it will be criminal to portray Kalybekov in occupied Henichesk, but it is noteworthy that by a “strange coincidence”, simultaneously with his “hotel company”, this businessman registered in the Moscow Region a “security company” “PSC “MIR” with an authorized capital of half a million rubles.
Therefore, it is obvious that Kalybekov’s “Henichesk tour” will not be limited to simply “investment” scams.

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