On October 2, 2020, “Chairman of the Council of Ministers of the Republic of Crimea” Yuriy Gotsanyukappointed Andrei Rostenko the “Deputy Minister of Culture” of the Russian illegal administration ofCrimea. The infamous gangster from the criminal gangs “Greeks” and “Seylem”, Rostenko was theright hand of the “head of Crimea” Aksenov in plundering the Southern Coast of Crimea. It is clearfrom the appointment that the Kremlin “gave up” the lawlessness of collaborators from among thecommon criminal bandits and does not intend to observe any conventions.
This appointment is not the tool for the “grain position” to steal federal funds, because Moscowfunding for the occupied Crimea has significantly decreased. This famous bandit, former “Mayor ofYalta” and “Assistant to the Head of Crimea on the Federal Target Program” was appointed to this postof “Deputy Minister of Culture” solely for the purpose of extracting additional income from fictitiousRussian laws “on the ground”.
After all, exactly the “Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Crimea” deals with the definition of“cultural heritage zones” and “historical monuments”. Declaring the land plot as the “cultural heritagezone” or depriving it this status, when solving building issues, Crimean “officials” earn good money.“ARK” highlighted already the machinations of collaborator Rostenko with the types of “permitted use”of expensive Crimean lands, the “sheltering” some of these incomes from Aksenov, and thesubsequent placement of the current “deputy minister of culture” in a pre-trial detention center as aresult of his conflict with German Gref. However, Rostenko may have been able to keep part of theloot in the course of land fraud in Yalta in the “common fund”, which is controlled by his banditcolleague Igor Gutsalov. As is was already noted, the former “mayor” and prisoner Rostenko still hasat his disposal the network of firms operating in the Ukrainian legal field, as well as outrageous “pro-Ukrainian lawyers” who are extremely likely working on laundering “Seylem” mafia funds both inCrimea and on mainland Ukraine.

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