The French and German Concern Veolia is rather the only one among the largest world-wide brand, which utterly violates the requirements of the sanctions on Crimea. Acting as a monopolist that specializes in cleaning the rubbish on the Southern coast of Crimea, the company regularly brings asuit against the local people who are indignant because of the high tariffs. For some reason, such are sonance case has been ignored by the German and Ukrainian authorities up to now. It has also been neglected by the Establishment of the European Union. At the same time, it is worth mentioning that to bring the German Concern, which supports the occupation of Crimea, is not difficult. TheirUkrainian Representative Office, in particular, regularly wins the multimillion tenders for cleaning thegarbage in Kyiv, Chernivtsi, and Ternopil [1]. Let us remind ourselves that the company Alfater-Crimeawas founded by the German company Veolia Umwelt-Service Gmbh. in Hamburg. [2]. That affiliated enterprise belongs to the largest French holding Veolia possessing the assets that amount to over 63.8 billion US dollars [3]. At first, Alfater-Crimea was rather a positive phenomenon for Yalta as far as thecompany’s agency coped with cleaning the garbage and did it well enough on the territory of theworld-wide known resort. In return, Alfater-Crimea got an access to the lucrative segment as it washere, in Yalta, where, in the pre-occupation period, millions of tourists annually took a holiday, creating gigantic piles of garbage. Thanks to the utilization of the wastes, the foreign enterprise earned large incomes. As soon as the occupation broke out, however, under a banner of ‘anti-Ukrainian legacy fight’, Yalta Mayor Andrey Rostenko stole and sold the municipal KARCHER-cars forblack cash. They used to use the cars for washing the embankment and the main municipalsight seeing places before the occupation. They rapidly forgot about the level of the resort cleannessthat existed before 2014.

Though, it was the action done by Alfater-Crimea that everybody was astonished by the most. As soonas the civilized business left Crimea, which was temporarily occupied, that company actually acceptedthe conditions of the invaders and was reregistered in the Russian bases [4], at the same address, in Blukher Street, in the base, which was similar to that of the legal Ukrainian enterprise. Theenterprise’s founders were some Yana Gennadiyevna Azanova and OOO Meridian Ferro deployed in Moscow [6], ‘quite by chance’, in the district being similar to that in which the affiliated enterprise ofthe corporation Veolia in the Russian Federation ‘Veolia Vostok’ was located [7]. At the same time, Veolia Vostok is a disguising butterfly-company or one-day company for the affiliated company OOO Neva Energy, which earned 624,5 mln. roubles for the government business in St. Petersburg [8].

In Putin’s native city, it is impossible to win the RF tenders for the interests of Veolia without having special relationship with the regime and profitable connections with officials. That is why the relationof the French and German Concern with their civilized values is quite understandable. After the occupation broke out, OOO Alfater-Crimea, the affiliated company of Veolia was headed on by Natalia Guminskaya who is a Moldavian countrywoman of the chief of Crimea Aksenov. She was appointed fordirector in 2018. That fact is another proof mentioned in the documents. The fact indicates the mentioned abuses of the rights really took place [5]. It is worth mentioning that, in a manner of the invaders, Alfater-Crimea increased their tariffs for garbage disposal by 165% in 2014.

That evoked anintensive indignation of the citizens of Yalta. Later on, Alfater-Crimea presented by Natalia Guminskaya concluded a lobby agreement with Mayor of Yalta Andrey Rostenko for an uninterrupted business of garbage disposal done from the towns and villages of Great Yalta in exchange for aregular payment of the contribution in a form of a black cash, which will become a part of obochek ofthe group Seilem headed by the Chief of Crimea Sergey Aksenov. In the city, especially among theelderly citizens that saw the new bills for garbage disposal, that evoked very bad comparisons withthe years of the previous occupation and collaborationism.

For the company Alfater Crimea was completely unpunished, they burnt the candle at both ends. Atfirst, the company started to persecute, with the help of the trials, the citizens of Yalta, who tried to justly refuse from the service of the monopolist and find cheaper options for garbage disposal.

The so-called lawyers of the affiliated company of the German firm in Yalta stated that a socialcompact published in the Crimean Pravda had been concluded. They assured everybody had to stickto the provisions of the compact. In exchange for a generous contribution, Alfater-Crimea doing theirbest to scalp the citizens of Yalta was supported by the administration of Yalta and the Cabinet ofCrimea.

In addition, the German company hired Svetlana Markova, the administrator of Yalta group that hadthe highest amount of members in Facebook and was called Yalta is My Love. The lady justified the anarchy carried out by the company, i.e. the affronts of all those who did not approve the policy ofAlfater-Crimea. The straw that broke the camel’s back was a common quarrel between the company and Mayor of Alushta Galina Ognevaya. The quarrel resulted in Markova’s offending Ogneva with anabusive language and revoltingly gross expletive, in the public eye, everywhere from the administered fake accounts. Those details related with the conflict between Alushta and Yalta Establishments arevery important for the occupants who try to understand to what extent the German company andtheir repute have degraded for several years, in the result of the decision that accepts the Russian occupation.

The German company Alfater-Crimea also hired the activist of Putin’s All-Russian NationalFront Dmitri Tikhonov who posed himself as an ecologist and wrote the petitions to different Russian authorities in order to fight the antagonists of Alfater-Crimea. Besides, Tikhonov was paid by OOO Alfater-Crimea to pose himself as an ecologist who condemned the Ukrainian legacy and, acting as an expert, approved the actions of the Federal Centre related with Crimea. The marasmus was in its prime in the winter, in 2018-2019. At that time, the Chief of Crimea Mr. Aksenov was chastised in the Kremlin because their administration received lots of the complaints from the citizens of the peninsula. The people complained for the garbage collapse. Even those Russian peace-lovers who were mesmerized by the propaganda and whose numbers were small started to make dodgy statements,telling that there were no such universal piles of garbage in Crimea in the times before the Russian occupation.

So, in Crimea, an imitation of an intensive activity was created to tackle and settle the ‘rubbish problem’. They assured they approved the Federal Scheme of the Treatment of the Solid Wastes. Asimulation of the tender was held by the Ministry of Housing and Utilities after which the Crimean people were informed that, for 10 years, the garbage discharge from the whole peninsula would be the responsibility of the state unitary enterprise Krym Eco-Resources and Alfater-Crimea. Moreover, the indices of garbage accumulated per one person and being a basis for the tariffs were plucked fromthe air. Then, under all the shouting, Aksenov laundered over 111.6 mln. roubles and 170 mln. roubles for cash deficiency, through Crimean pseudo bank RNKB and newly-organized Krym Eco-Resources. What concerns the German company Alfater-Crimea, Aksenov ordered them to drive his rivals from Sevastopol out of ARTEK in exchange for a ten-year monopoly that specialized in robbing the citizens of Yalta blind for garbage discharge.

Besides, the clan of the Chief of Crimea was going to get hooked on the funds of the clan of ex-Vice Prime Minister of the RF Olga Golodets whose nephew Aleksey Kasparzhak, as a director of ARTEK, had already implemented 21 bln. roubles [9]. With that purpose, Alfater-Crimea started publishing a series of articles on the piles of rubbish in ARTEK, which really were left there, right on the territory, not to spend an excessive potential of efforts on implementing the billions [10]. As a result, the German company under the protection of Chief of Crimea Aksenov and his right hand, the former Mayor of Yalta Rostenko, grabbed the cost contracts the value of which was estimated at 6,7 mln. roubles [11]. All that was considered to be a direct support of the occupants and a contribution into an illegal business on the occupied territory of Crimea. It is worth mentioning that, continuing to exist in the Ukrainian legal field, OOO Alfater-Crimea, as for now, owes 369 thousand hryvnias to the budget of Ukraine [2]. At a time, the company illegally received 122.9 mln. roubles from the Russian son the occupied territory, only thanks to the public procurement [13].

It is interesting that, in her private conversations, Natalia Guminskaya, the manager of the company, confessed the new premium garbage trucks, in the conditions of occupation, were purchased by Alfater-Crimea not for the benefit of Yalta citizens, but only because the German founders fear to siphon off their income and are afraid of the international scandal, at a time. Therefore, the rubbish mafiosos decided to save their money illegally got in Crimea in the vehicles, which can easily be transferred to the Russian Federation. It is also worth emphasizing, that the evident support provided by the occupants for the French and German Concern Veolia provokes the rubbish mafia for committing the international crimes. In such a way, in autumn 2020, the lawyers of Alfater-Crimea started recovering debts by stratospheric tiffs for their services from every elderly underprovided person in Yalta, with the help of the international courts that, as we have already written, exist in Crimea according to the laws of the invaders. The copies of the courts’ decisions are kept by the experts of the Autonomous Republic of Crimea.

Compiled by Evgeni Gaivoronskiy.

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