As we informed our readers before, in February, 2024 our Association send submission to governments and parliaments of civilised nations, to international structures, including UN, OSCE, CoE and EU agencies describing Russia’s ongoing provocations during illegal “Putin’s re-elections” on occupied territories of Ukraine. Our Association urged in that submission, prepared by Proffessor Borys Babin, that any “observer” from any third country that will visit the Russia-occupied territory of Ukraine for “observation” of the illegal “presidential elections” will violate not only the Ukrainian legislation, sanction policy and common demands of international law only, but also such “observer” will be the direct accomplice of Russian genocidal policy against ethnic Ukrainians and Russian war crimes, committed in Ukraine.

Our Association stressed that we will carefully monitor all the attempts of such “observers” from any third country to make relevant provocations and will definitely initiate the relevant criminal proceedings regarding such “observers” in International Criminal Court and also in jurisdiction of civilized nations, including the universal jurisdiction principle.

We got some answers on our submissions already, confirming the position and efforts of world’s democracies and international structures to counteract relevant Russia’s provocations and war crimes on Russia-occupied territory. For example, in letter to us from European Commission Department General, European Union strongly condemned Russia’s intention to hold its “presidential elections” in the temporarily occupied territories of Ukraine.

Letter reminded that a start of “early voting” in parts of these occupied territories of Ukraine was publicly denounced by the EU as null and void in February 2024. Letter stressed that these so-called “elections” grossly violate the UN Charter and Ukraine’s independence, sovereignty and territorial integrity, and that the EU will never recognise the holding of Russia’s so-called “elections” or their results in the territories of Ukraine. The EU reaffirmed in letter its unwavering support for Ukraine’s independence, sovereignty and territorial integrity, as Crimea, Kherson, Zaporizhzhia, Donetsk and Luhansk are Ukraine.

The European Commission letter pointed that EU remains committed to fully implementing its non-recognition policy, including through restrictive measures and cooperation in international fora. Our Association will continue relevant cooperation with international structures on that issue.

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