As we have already reported several times, on March 3-6, the strategic forum “Future of Crimea” initiated by the Crimean Tatar Resource Center was held, in which more than twenty key experts of various structures on the subject of the peninsula took part.

Experts of the forum were specialists with significant academic and research experience and at the same time with extensive practice in the field of public administration, legal work and human rights protection. In particular, ARC expert Professor Borys Babyn actively participated in the work of the forum and in the preparation of his recommendations.

Since in the future the relevant recommendations were sent by the organizing committee of the forum to the authorized state bodies of Ukraine, in order to establish further cooperation, on the initiative of the Deputy Prime Minister of Ukraine Iryna Vereshchuk, on May 3, a meeting of the expert group of the forum was held with the leadership of the Ministry of Reintegration to present the developed position.

During the report at the meeting, ARC expert Borys Babin reported on the position of the forum’s experts regarding the necessary changes in the measurement of criminal policy, including issues of amnesty and termination of responsibility for minor general criminal offenses in the occupied Crimea that do not encroach on the interests of the state, personality and international law, as well as – to measure the improvement of the legislation on collaboration.

Professor Babin also outlined the general issues of international human rights and humanitarian nature that Ukraine will solve after the deoccupation of the Crimea, including aspects of threatment with illegal Russian colonizers and captive combatants of the aggressor, and pointed to the need for appropriate preparation now.

The meeting participants also indicated the need to introduce a moratorium on transactions with Crimean real estate for the initial period of reintegration and the need to create a separate temporary record of all individuals who will be found in occupied Crimea.

According to the Ministry of Reintegration, based on the results of the meeting, Iryna Vereshchuk proposed to work out in detail certain directions. “Thank you for your work. The result of developments should be changes in the legislation. We at the Ministry are always open to cooperation and appreciate the desire of experts to join this process”, the Deputy Prime Minister told the participants of the meeting.

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