Our Association together with Crimean Tatar Resource Center (CTRC) organized on April, 24 side-event “Broad-Scale Practice of Tortures and Ill-Treatment in Conditions of Russian Occupation: Crimean Examples” on OSCE Supplementary Human Dimension Meeting in Vienna.

Chairman of Department of Mejlis of Crimean Tatar People Eskender Bariiev, CTRC experts Liudmyla Korotkykh and Tetiana Podwornyak, also as ARC’s experts, professor Borys Babin and Olesia Tsybulko, took part in this event, attended by representatives of various OSCE participating states’ missions. In their speeches experts discussed topics of tortures and ill-treatment in Russia-occupied Crimea since 2014 as a form of racial discriminations and as a tool of Russian aggression and state terrorism, issues of ill-treatment against Ukrainian children, deported to occupied Crimea were mentioned also.

Expert Tsybulko reminded in her speech on Spanish citizen, volunteer Mariano Garcia Catalayud involved in the distribution of humanitarian aid to the local population, who was kidnapped by Russian punitive structures on March 19, 2022 in Kherson and is still in an illegal “pre-trial detention center” of the occupied peninsula, where he become tortured by Russian invaders.

In his speech professor Borys Babin reminded, in context of ongoing Russia’s “Olympic” provocations, on tortures and ill-treatment against Crimean sportsmen who become victims of occupiers’ repressions.

He reminded on destiny of Teymur and Uzeir Abdullaev, prisoned illegally by aggressor in 2016 and stressed that politic prisoner Teymur Abdullaev, tortured permanently in jail in Bashkiria, was trainer of Taekwondo sports section and helper to open it in Simferopol, and that his brother Uzeir, European taekwondo champion, 1996 and champion of Ukraine also passed his skills to the younger generation before illegal arrest and text brutal tortures that made him disability.

Dr. Babin stressed on consequences of Russia’s usage tortures and other human rights violation and war crimes as a tool of its illegal policy that will include new Conference of Security and Co-operation in Europe after final collapse of Russian aggression in Ukraine.

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