In framework of permanent communication with UN Human Rights Council bodies our Association sent in February, 2022 next submission to UN Special Rapporteur on the human rights of migrants, Dr. Felipe G. Morales, for his Report on how to expand and diversify regularization mechanisms and programs to enhance the protection of the human rights of migrants.

In our submission, available on UN official web-sources, we reminded to UN bodies that Russian aggressor brutally violate all migrants’ rights established by international human rights and humanitarian law in Russia-occupied territories of Ukraine and in Russia itself, regarding illegally transferred persons, including criminally deported children.

ARC pointed to UN bodies on demands of next search of this children and returning them to Ukraine, reflected in PACE and EuroParliament resolutions 2482 (2023) and 2022/2049. Association described for UN bodies the situation in 2022-2023 with youth, criminally deported by aggressor from Ukraine’s mainland to the occupied Crimea and to Russia, and stressed again that the separation of children from their parents for indefinite periods constitute a violation of UN Convention on the Rights of the Child.

Also ARC reminded to UN thast actions of Russia’s government and its proxies, such as the “adoption and fostering” of children from Ukraine’s mainland during the current Russian aggression, constitute a war crime and crime against humanity in many cases. UN Special Rapporteur’s communication on this issues is expected on ongoing session of UN Human Rights Council in Geneva.

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