Our Association continues the communication with UN officials regarding negative consequences of Russian aggression against Ukraine for human rights issues and relevant submission on current challenges for persons with disabilities was given by ARC to UN Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights. In its submission we informed the OHCHR on issues of challenges and discrimination of persons of disabilities in the Russia-occupied Crimea and other occupied territories of Ukraine.

We reminded the OHCHR the case, when in March, 2022 Russian soldiers shot a well-known volunteer with a disability, businessman Alexander Kononov, who was once released from Russia-controlled places of non-freedom and the facts when Russian invaders shot to three rehabilitation centers for disabled persons, including one for children with disabilities, also as when in April, 2022 the Russian military forces’ tank came near the home for the elderly in Kreminna town and shot this nursing home, where 56 people were killed.

Our Association pointed the OHCHR that next urgent, immediate steps of the UN special rapporteurs and working groups on protection the right for persons with disabilities in Ukraine, in condition of ongoing interstate conflict and hostilities, must be done, including all observation procedures and visit to Ukraine. Full text of Association’s submission in available on UN web-sources.

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